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Vice Presidents - '200 Club'

200 Club
19th August 2020

Our '200 Club Draw' last year was a great success raising over £4,500 - together with our other fund raisers was the main reason we were able to support the club through the Coronavirus pandemic.   With no income the club’s resources were stretched and we were reliant on both the Chairman and JMP to ensure we have a club to support.

We are once again recruiting for the '200 Club' Membership for 2020-21 based on the same format as before - see below - hoping you renew the memberships you had last year or increase slightly if possible.

Following the success of last years ‘200 Club’ when we were able to raise £4,560 for the Club, we would like to increase the membership this season but need your help.

Our aim is to ask supporters to become members of the '200 Club'.   The money raised through Membership payments will be split - two thirds to York City FC – one third in prizes.


                1.  Each member will pay £30.00 per season to join the ‘200 Club’ - this is paid

                    annually, if possible, by standing order or direct to the York City Vice Presidents

                    account -    Mandate available on request

               2.  The membership is open to all supporters, family members and friends – you

                    can have as many memberships as you wish.

               3.  Each member is then allocated a number for the season.

               4.  We would have a minimum of four prize draws during the season – Each draw  

                    would consist of four prizes - £100, £75, £50, £25 if we achieve a membership

                     over 150, bonus prizes will be added to the draws. Last year we had four bonus

                    prizes of £200 in addition to the normal prize structure.

               5.  The prizes structure would depend on the membership - more members, bigger


               6.  The first draw will take place in October 2020 – draw for your individual numbers   

                    takes place two weeks prior to the draw.

Please contact: Richard Adams 07766 398073 or E-mail   

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