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A Note From the Chairman

25th July 2020

A note from Chairman Jason McGill;

I want to start by thanking the York City Football Club fans for their support throughout the year.

I don’t believe today’s performance is representative of the 2019/2020 season for York City FC, however it was disappointing to say the least and I’m sure every supporter is feeling the same way.

There will be a time and a place to carefully review and address what happened on the pitch today but, for now, I hope that among the feelings of frustration we can all take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The club had a great 2019/2020 campaign, we finished top of the league and were primed for promotion and that should be acknowledged.

The global pandemic and national crisis stopped football and players were furloughed, not knowing if they would play again in 2020, before being called back to training with a matter of weeks to prepare for Play-Offs. This is a difficult situation for any player, manager or coach, but is not an excuse for the result today, as every team in the Play-Off’s was in the same position.

For the first time in a long time, we do not know what the coming months hold for the club and no amount of internal planning or forecasting will resolve that situation. When will next season begin? Will our fans be allowed to attend? Will we play in the new stadium or at Bootham Crescent? I’m sure you have the same questions. We just don’t know, unfortunately.

But, one thing we do know is that, we will come back, with the aim to be better and stronger and know that our fans will be with us.

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