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Volunteers helping get Bootham Crescent fan ready

By Dan Simmonite | 30th November 2020

We'd like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time to help clean up at Bootham Crescent today.

Ten volunteers from our new programme worked to get the 88-year-old stadium 'match-fit'. We'd like to give praise to: Peter Aldridge, Joseph Aldridge, Joshua Levey, Colin Simpson, Lynne Parker, Hazel Dorey, Chris Dorey, Rob Evans, James Richardson and Steve Richards.

Since the government's announcement last week we've been working hard to gain a number of external approvals and certificates at short notice to allow a limited number of fans back in Bootham Crescent as soon as possible.

We aim to share more information on the situation as soon as we can.

Sporting Director Dave Penney said: "It was fantastic to see our supporters give up their free time to help the club as we race against time to get Bootham Crescent ready for the Chester game.

"Hopefully we will have a clearer picture when we receive information from the relevant parties later this week."

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