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VIDEO: Gaffer's post-match verdict

3rd December 2017

York City manager Martin Gray has warned that he will accept no repeat of Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Boston United.

Speaking to the media at The Jakemans Stadium, Gray also expressed frustration over a performance that ended his side's unbeaten run of four games.

"I have been here two months now and that's the most frustrated I have felt," he said. "From being 1-0 up and quite in control of the game......I didn't feel we ever looked like we were going to concede. The manner in which we conceded both goals is a concern.

"We didn't do enough in both boxes," he added. "It's easy to dig out defenders or mistakes made but, equally, we could have been 3-0 up - quite easily - at halftime.

"The chances we are creating, we have got to convert them and that puts a different spin on the game. But the longer it goes on at 1-0, I feel we allow teams chances, and it is happening too often now."

Gray stressed the importance of players transferring their work on the training ground to the matchday situation.

"I am the coach and a manager who works very, very hard on the training ground to counter-act this but people have got to listen and take instructions on board," he said. "We have got enough experience within this group - players who have played at this level and higher - to make sure that we have better discipline out of possession.

"Players have got to start putting in performances and doing what they do on the training ground in games," he said. "It's all well and good doing it on the training ground - where there is no pressure and it's a different environment.

"It's a pleasure to work with them but, come today, they haven't got that same belief or bravery on the ball and that's a real concern. No disrespect, but we should be coming here and dominating the ball better than what we do."

Defending his players' attitude towards the current challenge, Gray said: "They do care and they are hurting. No question about that. They have got pride and they are professional people. They have got to respond. We can't have any more performances like this. This is the second time I have seen it happen within eight games. It's got to change and it's got to change now."

Watch the full interview with Martin Gray by clicking the link below:

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