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Vice Presidents Donate More Funds

30th June 2020

Only days after completing a crowdfunding exercise for the club, which saw over £30,000 put towards manager Steve Watson’s team development, the Vice Presidents today donated another £20,000 to the club.

After noting that York City’s play-off campaign will be a considerable cost to the club, in addition to other financial challenges which arose as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the VP’s today announced that they will put £20,000 towards COVID-19 testing which could cost the club upwards of £20,000.

Chairman Richard Adams said in a statement: “The financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on football in general has been damaging and the future of some clubs remains uncertain.  

“The Vice Presidents Membership is in a position to assist financially, from their fund-raising activities throughout the season.”

Chairman Jason McGill said: “Yet again the Vice Presidents have committed to support the club during this challenging time. We are honoured to have such an enthusiastic and dedicated group supporting the club and, in this instance, helping to fund part of the pay-off campaign.”

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