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Vice Presidents boost crowdfunding

26th June 2020

The York City Football Club Vice Presidents today announced that they will match the final amount raised via their recent crowdfunding, taking the total amount to £30,180.

In a statement released by the VP’s this afternoon, they confirmed the final fund raised by supporters was £15,090 and confirmed that they would match that figure pound for pound.

The crowdfunding, which launched two months ago and ended this afternoon (Friday 26 June), will go directly to Manager Steve Watson for his team development.

Chairman Jason McGill “I speak on behalf of everyone at the club when I say a huge, heartfelt Thank You to each and every person who donated. This is a magnificent amount to have raised, especially during an economically challenging time.

“This contribution from the VP’s is significant and overwhelming. I want to acknowledge their contribution both through this project but also over the past years, they have been an incredible support to the club.”

Steve Watson said: “To have this extra fund will be incredibly important and helpful.

“To the VP’s, who not only created the fund but who have now matched the final amount, we are incredibly lucky to have a group such as yourselves, who operate solely with the best interests of the club at heart. Thank You.”

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