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Update on Bootham Crescent

By Dan Simmonite | 1st December 2021

Bootham Crescent welcomed visitors and shut its gates for the final time today.

Overall, the old ground saw over 2,500 members of the public attend to say their farewells across two days with signage and other old merchandise and memorabilia sold to supporters.

Some items have been taken to be put up at the LNER Community Stadium and plans are in place for any additional items to be auctioned off via the online store.



When does the ground get sold?

The club is currently in advanced negotiations with Persimmon Homes and hope to progress finalising a deal in the coming weeks.

Persimmon have completed all the groundwork ready for the sale and the club is expecting to complete the process by early next year.

We will of course keep supporters updated once dates are agreed for handover and when the site will be demolished.


Urns and Ashes project

Unfortunately, previous records of ashes and urns buried at Bootham Crescent were destroyed by a previous regime, and since the move to the LNER Community Stadium, Stadium Development Director Ian McAndrew has worked to make sure the club leads the project to recover and relocate the ashes before the sale of the site.

Families permitting, fans whose ashes have been recovered will eventually be reinterred in a Bootham Crescent ‘memorial area' near to a preserved section of the Popular Stand once the ground is redeveloped for housing.

Malcolm Ibbetson, from our grounds team, has made urns for the ashes from the leftover wooden seats located in the Main Stand – they are currently being stored securely and ready to take the ashes when they can be relocated.


Naming of Apartment Blocks

The club have already agreed in principle with Persimmon Homes and City of York Council that two roads on the housing development will be named ‘David Longhurst Way’ and ‘Keith Walwyn Walk’ – in tribute to our former players.

Further to this, we would like supporters to suggest names for the four apartment blocks which we plan to advise on for Persimmon. These can be former players, managers, staff, directors or even teams

Click here to make your suggestion.


Legacy Plans for the site

Earlier in the year, the club announced legacy plans for the eventual housing development which will be built upon the Bootham Crescent site. The exciting plans are being used by Historic England as a benchmark for how other sports/clubs and other leisure places might approach a ground redevelopment.


The legacy plans for the Bootham Crescent site include;

- Retention of a section of the Popular Stand terrace and tunnel to provide a lasting legacy of the stadium and create a focal point for memory and orientation.

- Naming of places in the site; the club and Persimmon Homes have submitted a request, to City of York Council, to name 6 places within the development including roads, walks and apartments all paying respects to past legends of York City FC – ‘David Longhurst Way’ and ‘Keith Walwyn Walk’ have both been agreed in principle.

- Creation of a Memorial Garden which will provide a home for existing memorials, caskets and ashes (subject to family wishes).

- Marking out part of the centre circle, within in the Public Open Space, will sit where the current centre circle sits in the ground and will align with the retained section of terrace and provide a further place for orientation.

- Recreation of the flagpole and ‘five-minute flag’; another unique historic feature of Bootham Crescent was the lowering of the club flag to signal that there were five minutes to go before the end of each match. The flag flew from a flagpole originally located between the south-east corner of the pitch and the main entrance. A new flagpole will be erected, flying a replica of the club flag as a permanent and symbolic reminder of fans’ allegiance to Bootham Crescent.

- Retention and consolidation of the boundary wall around the site, which was originally in place for the cricket pitch, will be retained but where concrete blockwork has been added to the summit this will be removed. Where necessary, consolidation will be undertaken using reclaimed bricks from elsewhere on the site.

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