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Supporter switches Bootham Crescent floodlights on for final time

By Dan Simmonite | 27th April 2021

The floodlights at Bootham Crescent were turned on for the final time tonight by lifelong supporter and club volunteer James Abraham.

At 8:45pm the lights illuminated the hallowed turf, with bystanders and local residents watching from the streets of Grosvenor Road.

York City supporter Ann Laing won the raffle to turn on the lights at the 88-year-old ground but decided to gift the opportunity to a club volunteer instead.

She said: "Although I am excited to have had my ticket chosen, and although I am a supporter for over 50 years and a season ticket holder, I would rather you chose a more deserving person.

"Perhaps someone who has done a lot of volunteering for the club, or a child with a deserving story."

The club would like to thank Anne for her generosity which allowed James to fulfil his desire to see the ground one last time.

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