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Steve Watson: "Something needs to be done quickly."

By Dan Simmonite | 8th February 2021

Steve Watson and his players are awaiting answers from the National League over the concerns over the continuation of the season and scheduled games coming up.

Speaking on the current situation, the Manager said: “It’s beyond frustrating for a team that just wants to crack on. It absolutely ludicrous to be speaking now in February and still harbouring hopes of fitting another 30 games in between now and May.

“We have got to prepare as if we are going to play and that’s the only way we can do it.”

Watson added: “Our situation is pretty clear and straight forward – we are raring to go and everyone at the club and everyone supporting the club wants the league to go ahead and see the season through.

“As a club all we can do on a daily basis, certainly management team and players, is to prepare for the next game.

“Farcical is just one word you could use but from our point of view we prepared to play an Alfreton side on Saturday, we did all the research and due diligence on their team, we set out to play them.

“The minute the game was cancelled we then looked towards playing Darlington and hopefully that will still be the case.

“We all have opinion on it, but we can’t affect what is happening at other clubs.”

Watson continued: “People in managerial positions sometimes don’t get the say in these positions but I don’t know any managers or football men that would want to stop the season no matter what position they were in.

“If there are genuine monetary reasons why they can’t carry on, then you don’t want clubs to be in that position and fair enough. I’d hate to think it would be a case of anything else.

“If we have a decision quickly, we can still get through the remaining fixtures without going to the degree of three or four games a week.

“Something needs to be done quickly, in the next week to ten days. We need leadership from the very top to take it by the scruff of the neck and make a decision.”

The Manager also put an emphasis on focus within the York camp, with the players carrying on as normal and going above and beyond to use Saturday’s postponement to have an in-house training match to keep intensity high.

“We’ve got to do our best as a management team to keep the focus,” added Watson.

“The majority of players in this league have a year’s contract at a time, they will all be looking at next year and hoping to try and win a new contract and stay at York City.

“That’s going to be in their minds as well, they’ve got futures to play for a lot of these players and they are staring down the barrel of potentially not playing again this season and not being able to prove themselves.”

The team are ready to travel to Darlington tomorrow and Steve Watson is hoping to get back on track in the division and make use of the five games in hand over top club Gloucester City.

Watson said, speaking on the contest: “We done our work on Darlo, we’ve watched their game at the weekend, and they got a very good result and looked very good but they also picked up three injuries.

“Unfortunately for Luke Charman it looked like a bad one from what we saw so we wish him all the best if that’s the case.

“So, we are not one hundred per cent on their personnel, but we know what we need to do and as I’m said before it all boils down to looking at ourselves and being as ready as we can be.

“Now is the time that we really do want to put a run together of games and whenever that may be – hopefully starting tomorrow night.”

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