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Steve Watson 'bitterly disappointed' after Kidderminster draw

By Dan Simmonite | 5th January 2021

Steve Watson was ‘bitterly disappointed’ after his sides 2-2 draw against Kidderminster this evening, with City being in front twice only to lose out on 3 points due to an outstanding equaliser late in the game.

Watson said: “I’m bitterly disappointed. On paper a draw against Kidderminster doesn’t look a bad result against a team that’s started the season really well and are a good organised side. I thought we dominated the first half and it was one set play that we didn’t deal with, a mistake in there, which happens in football.

“We are in another situation as we were against Guiseley where we had four or five chances first half, unfortunately one of them, Scotty Barrow’s, is flying into the back of the net but it hits one of our own players. But we had two or three other options to do better where we haven’t tested their ‘keeper.

“Second half we came out, scored the first goal, and for some reason – this is an issue I’ve found not just this season but a couple of times with teams that we’ve had – the mentality seems to go into a defensive mode instead of being brave, staying on the ball, keeping our line high. Basically keep playing the way we were playing.

“The only time we responded positively was after they got the equaliser again and we are going to have to get to the bottom of that. And the players are going to have to get to the bottom of why they do that on the pitch.

“We’ve got arguably one of the best squads in the league, we should be confident and bold enough when we take the lead – great pitch to keep playing the way we have done to get us into the lead and I think second half we stepped back and almost invited it on.

“That’s not the way we’ve set up to play. That’s not the way I want to play. And they have to be a lot stronger than that mentally.”

Harriers substitute Jason Cowley got the important equaliser for the home side, a stunning first-time strike giving Pete Jameson no chance from the edge of the box.

City pushed for another but after four minutes of injury time the game ended honours even.

Watson added: “It was a terrific strike but we need to do better in their third as well, we broke down the flanks near the end, offsides, not picking out the man and no real working of their keeper.

“I say it every day. On four or five occasions this season they’ve all proved they’ve got the quality but we need to put it all together and I keep saying it’s a work in progress – it’s not an excuse – but it’s something we have to improve on quickly.

“We’ve got the biggest week of the season coming up arguably and we’ve come away from here with a point. It’s not what we wanted but it’s a point better off than we were before we got here. Disappointed, but again we need to put the wrongs behind us - for the second half especially - and go to Boston with loads of confidence.”

City now sit 7th in the National League North but have four games in hand over top team Gloucester City, where the gap is narrowed to nine points after a point today.

Watson concluded: “You don’t come to Kidderminster very often, have a couple of leads and don’t come away with three points. I suppose it shows us where we are standards-wise. They’ve been absolutely flying and got a lot of quality and we’ve given them a very good game and arguably were the better team for a lot of the game.

“But it’s points that count and I think we’ve dropped two there.”

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