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Statement: Promotion Final Ticketing

18th May 2022

After receiving feedback from supporters who encountered problems attempting to purchase tickets for our Promotion Final against Boston United, we would like to provide an explanation and assure supporters that this will not happen again.

Season Ticket holders were given a priority window of 24 hours, starting on Monday, to purchase their ticket plus one additional. The Ticket Office also opened the earlier time of 8am to accommodate those working full time. Over 2,500 tickets were sold within this window.

At 5pm the next day when tickets went on General Sale, we experienced an unexpected demand with website queues of over an hour for online sales and a physical line down towards the supermarkets at the LNER Community Stadium. This led to the temporary suspension of online sales to serve those waiting in person and the remaining tickets were sold out in under an hour. No general sale tickets were sold before 5pm.

We are aware of a small number of Boston United supporters who have purchased in the home end of the stadium. These tickets have been located, cancelled, and reallocated to York City fans. Boston fans can buy direct from their own club’s Ticket Office.

The National League has also confirmed that the game will be Livestreamed via a pay-per-view platform.

We can only apologise for the inconvenience this caused to online purchasers and also the fans who queued down the street at the LNER Community Stadium for a considerable time and missed out.

We are exploring other options to be put in place before future high-profile games, where demand undoubtedly outweighs supply, to allow us to allocate tickets fairly.

Once again, we’d like to extend our apologies to anyone who was missed out on tickets yesterday. We do not believe anyone thought that we would be in the position of a sell-out crowd in our first season at the LNER Community Stadium, so we thank you for your incredible support.


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