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Statement From The Chairman

15th March 2018

York City Football Club Chairman, Jason McGill, has made the following initial statement in response to the York City Supporters' Trust Questions and Answers posted on the Trust website on 14th March 2018.

"I was invited by York City Supporters’ Trust Chairman, John Lacy, to answer questions raised by supporters, concerning the transfer of the Trust’s 25% shareholding to J M Packaging Ltd, the matter to be decided on the 22nd March 2018. 

I asked Mr Lacy to identify the questions he thought were directed to me, because he stated that the Trust did not have sufficient information to answer these questions. This he did.

I sent my answers to Mr Lacy who came back with one query, which was answered by me and confirmed to Mr Lacy by former Trust Board member, Peter Rookes. Peter confirmed that my answer was a truthful presentation of the agreed facts. This crucial confirmation has been ignored and misrepresented in the answers provided by the Trust Board. 

I heard nothing more from Mr Lacy until I was made aware that the Trust Board had posted the answers to the supporter’s questions raised. 

I had no prior sight of the Trust’s answers, which seem to have been constructed after my submission. It would have been courteous and equitable to have sent them to me in advance of publication.

In my opinion, instead of providing clarity for the supporters, the fact that both the Trust Board and I have answered the same questions, sometimes with conflicting views, has only added further confusion. 

I will provide a more detailed response to the Trust’s answers in due course."

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