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SMC Statement: Ground Regulations

20th December 2021

York SMC would like to thank the vast majority of fans who back their team with passion, but also in the appropriate manner.

York City Football Club is a community-based family club and unfortunately, the conduct of a very small number of supporters at matches is a cause for concern.

Misconduct by a small number of supporters spoils the enjoyment of matches for other fans but can also leave the club liable to action from the National League and the Football Association, which can include financial penalties and even point deductions.

Therefore, as a general reminder, we would like again to put on record the following.

It is a criminal offence to enter the playing field at any time during a match.

The use of pyrotechnics within a football stadium is strictly prohibited and can seriously damage people’s health.

Racial and homophobic abuse is a criminal offence.

Please refrain from damaging seats - the club has had to replace a number of seats at a substantial cost.

The conduct of fans at grounds is also covered by the National League Ground Regulations, to which supporters give their agreement by entering stadiums.

The SMC has and continues to work closely with the police and will share any information it has available in relation to any anti-social behaviour by supporters.

This can lead to not only further action by the police. Such action may include bans from travel and or stadiums and in serious cases, criminal proceedings.

We again reiterate that this is a general reminder following isolated incidents involving a small number of supporters.

We respect the incredible backing given to your club by the rest of Your City fan base and look forward to this continuing.


For further information please visit the York Stadium Management Company website here.

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