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Pre-season Livestream views and income

28th July 2021

York City Football Club is pleased to announce profits of £4,415 from the Livestreaming of the pre-season fixtures against Newcastle United, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

The Newcastle United stream commanded the most viewership for the club, with 20,000 peak live viewers whilst Sunderland saw 14,231 peak viewers and Middlesbrough had 9,059.

The three games also saw viewers in 50+ countries from all around the world ranging from the UK and Ireland, Australia, Indonesia, United States, Brazil and Ghana to name a few.

Media Officer Dan Simmonite commented: “Livestreaming throughout the pandemic has been a tremendous success for all clubs, especially a club like York City where the fanbase is so vast and supporters are located all around the world.

“The streams via YouTube have given the club the best chance to show off to a big audience what the new stadium is all about and the results on the pitch are testament to what Steve Watson is building here – and hopefully has given a taste of what is to come.

“I know these ‘pay what you can’ streams have been very well received by supporters in these hard times and we are very proud as a club to have offered this service over the past 18 months. Hopefully, it has inspired a few locals to come and watch a game in person this season.”

Livestreaming was allowed for all clubs during 2020/21 with broadcasting rulings lifted by the National League and UEFA in special circumstances in lieu of supporters being able to watch their team in stadia.

The club expects that the rulings will once again stand for the new season and livestreaming will be prohibited under the rules, but is still awaiting confirmation from the National League and broadcast rights holder BT Sport on this matter.

The club is keeping the Virtual Turnstile open for any donations throughout the season. To contribute to the club, please click here.

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