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A note from the Chairman

27th January 2022

As Chairman of the Football Club and on behalf of the board of directors, we would like to issue an apology to our loyal fanbase.

We know our supporters are hurting and we are too. I have been a supporter for 48 years, attending my first match when I was 8 and have stayed with the club through thick and thin, donating £50,000 when the club was on the brink of extinction in 2003 and providing funding to the club as Chairman since 2006. The majority of current board members are also lifetime supporters of the club and work in a voluntary capacity.

The fans deserve better from what has happened since season 2015/2016 and this season the results on the playing side have hit new lows.

I think back to the recent highs of winning at Wembley twice in 2012 and reaching the League Two playoffs in 2014. We need that feeling back at the football club and I am determined to steer the club in the right direction and out of the rut we are in. I am still passionate about York City Football Club.

Having sat down individually with each staff member across all departments over the past few weeks, I have seen first-hand the work and desire to improve our situation.

It was the correct decision to change Manager in November because it showed on the pitch that the results and performances were not good enough and we were falling behind what we consider acceptable with the level of our playing budget for the division. A change was needed sooner rather than later.

The Sporting Director, Dave Penney and I are in constant communication with John Askey to support him with the playing side with John having the final say. The signs have been positive with players leaving and fresh blood coming into the club who have been identified, analysed, and trialled behind closed doors before signing.

Further investment into the playing squad has been approved and supporters can expect changes in the coming weeks to allow us the best chance of promotion this season. We believe John is the best man to take this football club forward in the second half of this campaign. It has proved to be a difficult task to recruit new players whilst the transfer window is open, hopefully, this will improve next week.

I must also highlight that your support throughout this period has been incredible. The fact that we can still bring 2,800 through the gates on a Tuesday night against Bradford Park Avenue and average an attendance some Football League clubs would dream of, is remarkable. This is a testament to your loyalty and the bond you have with the club.

I ask that every section of the fanbase gets behind the team on the pitch for a big game this Saturday against Gateshead, whatever your concerns are about the current board of directors, it is in everyone’s interests that our great club wins the on-pitch battle and progresses in the right direction.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jason McGill, Chairman, York City Football Club, on behalf of the Board of Directors

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