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National League season halted

22nd January 2021

The National League has announced today that it will ‘halt participation’ in the North and South divisions for two weeks.

A National League statement read: “Following the review of the feedback from Clubs in connection to the recent Clubs meeting, a Board meeting this morning decided to halt the participation in the North/South Divisions for a two-week period, effective immediately.

“As a result, tomorrow's games are formally postponed.”

As a club we feel strongly that the season should have continued.

Of course, we understand that individual clubs must represent their own views and interests however, we feel disappointed that this view wasn’t shared by the National League board.

We worked tirelessly last summer to protect the integrity of football and allow our division to come to an honourable conclusion and we find ourselves in a similar position this season.

We are equally disappointed in the way in which the DCMS funds, made available to compensate the lack of crowds, were unfairly distributed by the National League board to member clubs.

The recent news unfortunately means that our first game at the LNER Community Stadium, scheduled for the end of the month, will also be postponed.

We will share more information when we receive it.

Chairman Jason McGill added: “We fought in the summer to change our division’s status to elite sport, which reflected the wishes of the whole football community to carry on playing.

“We find ourselves in a similar position again and need unity across all National League divisions to protect the integrity of football.

“We are an ambitious club who want to be successful and make our supporters proud and we will fight and lobby to continue the season to completion.”

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