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Micky Cummins looks ahead to Hereford

By Dan Simmonite | 2nd March 2020

Micky Cummins is expecting a totally different Hereford team to the one which held his side to 2-2 draw at Edgar Street earlier in the season.

The assistant-manager said: “They have changed themselves quite a bit with new management and a lot of players have gone - the game we watched two weeks ago there were 2 players playing from the previous game we played them.

“And again, on Saturday there was 6 players playing in that game from their previous game so a lot of chopping and changing and they are still trying to find their form and what works for them.

“They have got a bit of experience in there and quality, they will pose a threat and are dangerous in certain areas – it’s about how we set up and nullify that threat and compose ourselves to get a positive result.”

Speaking on the fitness and availability of his players for tomorrow Cummins said: “Everyone is fit and well – Steve (McNulty) has taken a bit of a knock, but we will have another 24 hours to see how he is.”

City drew 1-1 to Curzon Ashton on Saturday and have a chance to extend their lead at the top of the table with tomorrow’s night game against the Bulls.

Cummins added, speaking on Saturday’s performance: “You always look back and analyse, we got in good areas and created opportunities but just didn’t find that finishing touch.

“I know there’s a quick turnaround between Saturday and Tuesday but there’s things we will work on and we’ve got more or less a fully fit squad now – with Paddy and Greeny it’s another few days in their legs to make themselves available so we will be stronger for that.

“We will approach it with the same mentality as in we need to win, be ruthless, on the front foot and impact in the final third with good deliveries and getting on the end of crosses and shots – we will have them wound up and raring to go.”

It was Jordan Burrow’s last-gasp goal in the last minute of injury time which clawed City a point at the end of the game, a finish which gave Burrow his 14th goal of the season.

Cummins added: “He is always a threat and with his size he gets himself in the box and again it was another strange one for him, probably a mistake on their part from the ‘keeper but he’s scored from a tight angle.

“It’s never simple with Jordan, it’s never a free header of a two-yard tap in, it’s always something that he’s had to work hard for, and he’s made something out of nothing so pleased for him.

“Obviously we want some more goals from elsewhere, from corners kicks when our big lads go up, midfielders making runs into the box or shots from distance, so we need some more goals from different areas of the pitch.”

Cummins also believes that the season will be very tight come the end of the season, with City currently sitting four points clear with 10 games to go until the end of the regular season.

He concluded: “There’s still lots of twists and turns, opposition playing others in and around us and teams that are in form at the minute as well so it’s going to be difficult for everyone in the top five or six.

“We’ve got to continue, be positive and use the ability we’ve got and chop and change when we see fit to change the flow of a game or counteract an opposition’s shape or game plan. We will utilise that to our benefit hopefully.”

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