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Gallery: 'Question of City Sport'

26th October 2018

York's Burton Lane Club staged the first ever 'Question of City Sport' night and helped raise funds for the club's Academy and Foundation.

Manager Sam Collins and the full City squad were in attendance as players and supporters took part in a sports quiz hosted by striker Jon Parkin.

City supporters Daniel Rodgers, Bill Owen, Ed Fisher, Brian Stokes, and Raymond Wynn (whose names had been drawn out of a hat) took on City players Russ Penn, Daniel Parslow, Jake Wright, Tom Allan, and Jordan Burrow.

The scores were level at the end of the main contest but City's supporters won a dramatic tie-breaker!

The club would like to say a big 'thankyou' to City supporter Bradley Saxton for coming up with the idea, compiling the questions and preparing video footage. He was assisted on the night by Claire Kilmartin, Tom Poole, and members of the club's Foundation staff.

Many thanks to the City supporters who attended the event and who, hopefully, enjoyed the entertainment!

'Well done' to 'Big Jon' who, arguably, stole the show as host - his quick wit and banter holding the night together. 

Goalkeeper Ryan Whitley, meanwhile, warrants a special mention for turning up dressed as 'Shrek'.

City's management have introduced a new weekly 'game' at the club's training ground which leads to players having to pay forfeits. Ryan's forfeit, unfortunately, was to attend the night dressed as the animated ogre. To his credit, he didn't shirk the challenge (see photo gallery below).

*Watch a 'Mystery Guest' round by clicking on the link below:

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