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Club welcome clarity from National League

16th June 2020

York City Football Club has received communications from the National League, asking clubs to vote on an ‘Ordinary Resolution’ which would see play-offs reinstated at all levels.

The club welcomes this revision, which would gift a second chance at promotion and is a significant shift in the club’s favour.

Thanks to the personal efforts of many people, including members of parliament and key senior figures within the game and with support from fans, media and fellow clubs, alongside the impact of the club’s #Promote2 campaign, we now have a new focus and a renewed hope.

The league has communicated that, should play-offs go ahead, clubs would have to issue indemnities and warranties and adhere to government coronavirus guidelines for elite sports.

The league did not give clarity on options if clubs do not vote in favour of play-offs or should the play-offs be cancelled. However, we would hope that based on fairness, integrity of the league and sporting merit, that the National League board would automatically promote the top two teams based on league positions after the unweighted points per game calculation.

Clubs have been given a deadline of 5pm Wednesday 17th June to vote.

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