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50/50 Super Draw On Monday

By Dan Simmonite | 23rd August 2019

The 50/50 Cash Draw team will be guaranteeing prize money of at least £500 at the Gateshead game on Bank Holiday Monday.

There will be a first prize of at least £350 plus enhanced consolation prizes of £100 and £50. The first prize could be more, if sufficient tickets are sold to increase the prize fund beyond £500.

Tickets for the Super Draw, priced at £1 each, will be on sale from 1.30pm at all the usual locations around Bootham Crescent. In the 15 minutes before kick off, a ticket seller will visit the Gateshead supporters in the Grosvenor Road end of the ground.

There will also be another chance to win a Tank & Paddle Sport Experience - a bonus for the first prize winner.

The Tank & Paddle Sport Experience includes a brand new sport booth for you and up to 5 friends - complete with your own HD screen - as well as an Amstel Beer Tower & an Ultimate Combo Sharer to enjoy the game of your choice in style.

For more details of Tank & Paddle at Merchant Exchange, York, please visit

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