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50/50 Cash Draw

50/50 Cash Draw Winners


50/50 Cash Draw Winners - AFC Telford United


Here are the details of the 50/50 Cash Draw winners from the AFC Telford United game...


1st Prize

Ticket: 19196

Prize: £390 and a £50 Scott’s Fish and Chips voucher

Winner: Steve Hardgrave (West Bank, York)

Seller: Ian Tyssen (Car park and hospitality)


2nd Prize

Ticket: 19177

Prize: £50

Winner: Haydn Wishart (Foxwood, York)

Seller: Ian Tyssen (Car park and hospitality)


3rd Prize

Ticket: 18184

Prize: £25

Winner: David Greenough (Bolton)

Seller: Paul Benton (Car park)


The winning tickets were drawn by young York City supporter Alfie Pope.


Ian Tyssen - 50/50 Cash Draw Promoter 

Telephone: 07548 159636


Twitter: @ycfc5050


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