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Mills Praises Chairman's Efforts

Posted: Fri 10 Feb 2017
Author: Niall Cope

Gary Mills

Image by: Mark Comer

Boss thanks Jason McGill...

MANAGER Gary Mills has spoken of the hard work that has been done by both himself and Chairman Jason McGill to allow the Club to move away from trouble in the National League.

The Minstermen face Maidstone United on Saturday six months on from the opening day fixture between the two sides, with an almost total overhaul of the playing squad.

Speaking to Minstermen PlayerHD in the lead up to the weekend fixture at Bootham Crescent, where a win would lift City off the foot of the fifth tier table, the 55-year-old revealed that there is now a totally different atmosphere at the Club as a result of the changes.

“It’s a new squad, a new team, a new feeling, a new season, a new outlook, a new belief, a new positivity,” Mills expressed.

“It’s been hard work to get to where we are and I couldn’t have done it without the Chairman. He has been unbelievable since I’ve come back in by allowing me to do what I’ve done.

“It's not been easy for him to do that mentally, but more so financially, but he has allowed it to happened so he deserves a big pat on the back for that. Together we are recreating the feeling around this Football Club that we are proud of it.

“We are sick of hearing negatives and what we are and what we are going to be. I’m here to prove all of those negativities wrong and along with the Chairman I intend to do that.

“We’ve got ourselves into a good place mentality and I’m not just talking about the team, but the whole Club now.

“I feel like I’ve got my Club back and to what it was when I was here before where we know we can go and win football matches and the fans know that too.

“I’ve now got the office staff and people around me smiling and wanting to come to work. That is what’s helping us to do what we are at the moment but we’ve got to maintain it and keep improving.

“The only way we are doing that it is by taking each game as it comes. Whether it’s the FA Trophy or the league, we’ve got a challenge ahead to win each game.”

He added: “If we win on Saturday we will go above them so that’s the incentive.

“Every game should have an incentive and for us that’s to get off the bottom of the pile and to look down on two or three could would feel a lot better.

“Although not the biggest incentive, it is at this moment in time, and is the one we are concentrating on and do what we have done in the past few weeks.”